Order Top 100 Nutraceutical Brands for Optimal Wellness

Xymogen is based in Orlando, Florida, and provides very high-quality, value bio-available products.

Our patients have enjoyed a variety of supplements for optimal wellness, as well as weight loss and hair rejuvenation, to name a few, for the past few years.

We have created an online account, so our Patients can enjoy ordering directly using the link below for recurrent orders shipped to their homes.

Below is a synopsis of recommendations for each category:

Weight Loss List:

  • Cinsulin 200 Mg Or CinnDromex
  • Berberine with InSea2
  • ALAMax CR
  • Benfotiamine 50 Mg
  • Green Tea 600
  • Insulin Fiber AKA MedCaps
  • Probiomax lean
  • Leptin manager
  • OptiMetaboliX

Cholesterol Management :

  • Bergacor Plus
  • OmegaMonoPure 1300
  • NO Max
  • Coqmax
  • NiaCasc
  • NiaVasc

Hair rejuvenation:

  • Regenemax Plus