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Carboxytherapy emerges as a groundbreaking solution for youthful, radiant skin. This non-surgical treatment, available at PCH MedSpa in the heart of Newport Beach, Orange County, harnesses the power of carbon dioxide (CO2) to unveil a rejuvenated complexion. But what is carboxytherapy, and how can it transform your skin?

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What Does Carboxytherapy Do?

Carboxytherapy is a revolutionary skincare treatment designed to improve skin circulation, encourage collagen repair, enhance skin elasticity, and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite.

Infusing CO2 gas beneath the skin’s surface stimulates your body’s natural healing processes, resulting in firmer, smoother skin.

The Effectiveness Of Carboxytherapy

Many wonder, does carboxytherapy work? The answer lies in its versatile application. From reducing cellulite by disrupting fat cells to smoothing and firming the skin, carboxytherapy has shown promising results.

It’s a testament to the body’s remarkable ability to rejuvenate when given the right stimulus.

Duration Of Carboxytherapy Results

The journey to revitalize skin with carboxytherapy involves a series of treatments, typically scheduled every other week for 6-12 sessions. To maintain the stunning results, we recommend follow-up treatments every six months. This ensures that your skin continues to look its best, year after year.

Understanding The Side Effects

While carboxytherapy is a safe and effective treatment, it’s important to be aware of potential side effects, such as minor discomfort and bruising. At PCH MedSpa, our skilled practitioners ensure the highest safety standards, minimize risks, and ensure a comfortable experience.

Carboxytherapy Cost

Investing in your skin’s health and beauty is priceless. PCH MedSpa offers carboxytherapy treatments starting at around $199 per session, depending on the treatment area. Located in the luxurious Newport Beach area of Orange County, we’re committed to providing accessible beauty solutions to all our clients.


At PCH MedSpa, we’re passionate about helping you achieve your skin goals. Carboxytherapy is one of the many treatments we offer to help you unlock the secret to youthful, vibrant skin.

Visit us in Newport Beach, Orange County, and discover how we can transform your skin with the healing power of carboxytherapy.

Your journey to flawless skin begins here.

Request your free consultation with Dr. K now!



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