Hair Rejuvenation Rx

Restore your hair today with PCH MedSpa

Dr. K has been one of the pioneers of hair rejuvenation Rx and a trained hair transplant specialist & advocate of the FUE hair transplant method primarily.

At our program, we first perform a thorough investigation to identify the cause of your hair loss. Then, we evaluate hormones and check certain blood tests to exclude secondary causes of hair loss, such as hormone imbalance and certain deficiencies.

Our Hair rejuvenation Rx emphasizes a comprehensive solution for thinning hair, receding hairlines, and many other hair issues. It restores lost protein in the scalp cells to encourage new hair growth.

Hair Rejuvenation Rx treatment at PCH MedSpa, Newport Beach. Restore your hair.

Dr. K’s Hair Rejuvenation Formula

At PCH Medspa, Dr. K’s latest preventive method for hair loss incorporates a variety of modalities such as PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin), Collagen PDO Threads, Red Light LED Rx, in combination with oral supplements, Exosome Topical Rx & a unique hair serum formula from Europe that is compounded exclusively for PCH MedSpa.

Our 3 months or 6 months packages will be Money Back guarantee satisfaction. That’s how confident we are in these treatments.

Here is a quick overview of each Rx option:

  •  PRF:
    Those familiar with Dr. K’s treatments know well that we are big fans of PRF (not PRP) for rejuvenation, especially hair Rx. This option is implemented using either Jet peel or Microneedling assisted micro infusions and is repeated at least 2 times during treatment. Great opportunity for improving the miniaturization of hair follicles primarily.

PRF Treatment

  • PDO Smooth Threads
    Dr. K, a master trainer of threads, utilizes his own combination of PDO threads for hair thinning. This option is also usually repeated a few times during our package treatment. Another fantastic option that will boost your scalp and hair growth.

Smooth PDO thread hair rejuvenation

  • LED Red Light Rx:
    Once a week, use our state of art RED light LED Rx: another proven method for hair rejuvenation.

LED Red Light Rx

  • Peptide Rx:
    Topical and needle injection options were discussed at your consultation.

Peptide Rx

  • Signature Shampoo and Hair serum.

Signature Shampoo and Hair serum

  • Topical Finasteride through our compounding Pharmacy.

Topical Finasteride through our compounding Pharmacy.

  • Oral Supplements of choice based on case to case.

Oral Supplements

  • Exosome:
    Revolutionary topical stem cell activators. We use a brand that is exclusively designed for hair growth.
    & Much more…


There is No chance of failure if you stick to our method…

Please contact us for a complimentary in-depth consultation with Dr. K & the team.


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