Hair Rejuvenation Rx

Restore your hair today with PCH MedSpa

Dr. K has been one of the pioneers of hair rejuvenation Rx and a trained hair transplant specialist & advocate of the FUE hair transplant method primarily.

At our program, we first perform a thorough investigation to identify the cause of hair loss. Then, we evaluate hormones and check certain blood tests to exclude secondary causes of hair loss, such as hormone imbalance and certain deficiencies.

Hair rejuvenation Rx is the complete solution for thinning hair, receding hairlines, and many other hair issues. It restores lost protein in the scalp cells to encourage new hair growth.

Hair Rejuvenation Rx - Dr Kaveh Karandish - Dr K MedSpa - PCH MedSpa - Corona Del Mar California_

Dr. K hair Rejuvenation Method

At PCH Medspa Dr. K’s latest preventive method for hair loss incorporates PRF therapy every 4-6 weeks in combination with oral supplements, A-cell Rx & a unique hair serum formula that is compounded exclusively for PCH MedSpa. If there is already a significant hair loss, cases are usually referred to a hair transplant team for further evaluation.

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