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Innovative Hair Rejuvenation With DE|RIVE

At PCH MedSpa, we’re proud to introduce DE|RIVE hair restoration, a groundbreaking solution in hair care technology. This non-surgical approach is revolutionizing how we think about hair rejuvenation, offering a powerful option for those seeking to enhance their hair’s health and appearance.

The Power Of Plant-Based Serum

DE|RIVE’s unique formula is a testament to the power of natural ingredients. Our biomimetic, plant-based serum is completely hormone-free, focusing on nourishing the scalp and skin to promote thicker and more vibrant hair.
This innovative approach combines in-clinic treatments with a supportive home care regimen, targeting hair thinning effectively and safely.

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Tailored Treatment For Optimal Results

Our treatment process is designed for maximum impact. It starts with the DE|TOX serum application, followed by the DE|RIVE serum using advanced ultrasound technology for deep scalp penetration.
After the in-clinic treatment, we provide a 30-day serum supply for continued care at home. With no downtime, this treatment fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Safe And Effective For All

DE|RIVE is suitable for everyone, accommodating all hair and skin types. It’s safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding and offers benefits like reducing inflammation, improving hydration, and promoting hair growth.

Addressing Various Hair Concerns

Practical for various hair conditions, including Alopecia and post-COVID hair loss, DE|RIVE is a versatile solution. Our expert aestheticians at PCH MedSpa will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

Ready to transform your hair with DE|RIVE hair restoration?

Schedule your consultation at PCH MedSpa today and take the first step towards luscious, fuller hair.

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