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Dr. Kaveh Karandish

Dr. Kaveh Karandish

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Endolift Laser is a non-surgical laser treatment that reduces fat and tightens skin on the face, neck, and abdomen. Learn about the benefits and effectiveness.

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As we age, our skin naturally loses its elasticity, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. However, Endolift promotes skin rejuvenation by using laser energy to tighten the skin, addressing skin laxity and promoting collagen production in deep and superficial layers. This non-invasive treatment can also target excess fat, offering a comprehensive solution to a variety of cosmetic concerns.

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What Is Endolift Laser?

Endolift is a minimally invasive outpatient laser procedure used in endo-tissutal (interstitial) aesthetic medicine. It is a safe and effective method for reducing forehead wrinkles, treating frown lines, reducing double chin, and contouring the neck. It offers a non-invasive alternative compared to surgical procedures.

Here are some commonly asked questions about Endolift treatment:

How Long Do The Effects Of Endolift Last?

While the tightening effects of Endolift Laser can last for 1 to 2 years, some patients and doctors report results lasting up to 5 years. However, compared to the 8 to 10 years of longevity that you could expect from surgical facelift results, the longevity of Endolift results may vary.

Is Endolift An Effective Treatment?

Yes, Endolift Laser Treatment is a safe and effective method for decreasing forehead wrinkles and treating frown lines. It offers a non-invasive alternative technique compared to other invasive procedures for these concerns.

How Long Does It Take For Endolift To Show Results?

The improvement of skin architecture, including collagen and elastin production, can be seen as early as 4-8 weeks after the procedure. The process continues to work overtime, with peak results typically achieved 9-12 months after the treatment.

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Is Endolift FDA Approved?

Yes, Endolift is an FDA-approved non-surgical facelift technique that offers skin rejuvenation and facial shaping.

What Is The Recommended Age For Endolift Treatment?

Endolift is an ideal treatment for patients above the age of 40, but there is no age limit as long as the patient is an adult.

Is Endolift A Painful Procedure?

No, it doesn’t cause any pain associated with incisions or sutures. It involves minimal to no downtime and does not have the pain or recovery time associated with surgical procedures. Patients can usually return to work and normal activities within a few hours.

What Is The Aftercare Required For Endolift?

There is no specific aftercare required for Endolift. One of its greatest advantages is a quick recovery rate. Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, no bandages are required after Endolift, and patients can usually return to their normal daily activities the same day.

What Type Of  Laser Is Used In Endolift?

Endolift Laser is a minimally invasive outpatient laser procedure used in endo-tissutal (interstitial) aesthetic medicine. It is a scalpel-, scar-, and pain-free treatment that allows for boosting skin restructuring and reducing cutaneous laxity.

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Endolift Cost

The Endolift cost varies depending on the treatment area, as well as the number of treatments required to achieve your desired results. However, you can expect the cost to start from $3000.

It's important to remember that while the cost of Endolift may seem high at first glance, it's important to consider the long-term benefits. Endolift offers long-lasting results that can often be maintained with touch-up treatments over time, ultimately saving you money compared to more invasive procedures.

In Conclusion

Endolift Laser treatment is a non-invasive solution for facial rejuvenation. It offers patients a safe and effective alternative to surgical procedures, with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort. If you're considering Endolift as an option for your skin concerns, be sure to consult with a qualified and experienced aesthetic physician to discuss your treatment goals and expectations.


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