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Dr. Kaveh Karandish

Dr. Kaveh Karandish

PCH MedSpa Medical Director

Have you ever considered Endolift as a possible lunchtime procedure for your inner thighs? It's a promising option that could be worth exploring.

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A visit to Dr. Kaveh Karandish’s clinic in Newport Beach, Southern California, promises an exceptional and thrilling experience. Highly regarded as a top aesthetic doctor throughout the country, Dr. Kaveh, or Dr.K, as his staff and devoted patients know him, guarantees exceptional treatment.

As I explore each room in this facility (with another one in Fountain Hills, AZ), I observe male and female clients recently undergoing procedures to enhance their appearance – from plumping and smoothing to de-puffing and buffing.

However, I am not here to observe. I aim to experience Endolift Laser Treatment, a laser-based treatment that eliminates undesired fat from various areas, such as the stomach (starting at $4,500) or under the chin (starting at $2,500).

The procedure entails inserting a slender probe with a laser underneath the skin. Once it reaches the targeted region, the fat cells are eliminated by burning them with the laser.

According to Dr. K, the light’s wavelength emitted by the laser harms fat cells, causing them to heat up and disintegrate. This results in the skin tightening as the cells perish.

You can undergo the procedure with local anesthesia and complete it within an hour. The best part is that the recovery time is minimal, allowing you to return to your routine shortly after. This is unlike other weight-management treatments, such as liposuction, which require weeks of recovery.
Dr. K even mentions that some of his patients could attend the Met Gala the following week after undergoing the procedure on their bodies.

Dr. K is a rare physician in the United States who provides Endolift treatment. Although the treatment is familiar, the Endolift machine is produced by a small Italian manufacturer that only creates a limited number of machines yearly.
Additionally, the training required for this treatment is ongoing and spans several weekends in the UK and Italy, making it relatively unfamiliar.

Consequently, when Dr. K uploaded a video of the procedure on YouTube, it generated numerous views from individuals who were previously unaware of this treatment option.

When it comes to targeted fat reduction, smaller pockets of fat are preferred over larger areas. The most commonly treated areas include double chins, lower abdomen, inner thighs, and behind the arms. As for myself, I opted to try Endolift on my lower inner thighs.

The treatment commences with applying local anesthetic using a needle measuring an astounding 10cm length. This is the most painful aspect of the procedure, as the treated area is susceptible regardless of one’s pain tolerance. However, the anesthetic helps alleviate the discomfort.

Dr. K has deemed me sufficiently numb and is now prepared to insert the laser probe. He hands me a pair of goggles to ensure my safety, although I suspect they are also meant to prevent me from observing the procedure.

He uses a needle to create a small opening and then inserts the probe beneath my skin into the fat. This feeling is not unbearable, but it does feel bizarre – like someone is rummaging inside you. It’s nothing close to a spa experience!

I find the noise quite unusual yet satisfying. When my fat cells burst, I can hear a faint crackling sound that resembles a mix of burning fire and popping bubble wrap. It’s almost like experiencing cosmetic ASMR. The assistant comments that it sounds like chips cooking.

After approximately 30 minutes, Dr. K completed the procedure. Upon inspection, I notice no signs of blood or cuts on my legs, only swelling and the initial signs of bruising. Although I feel slightly sensitive, it does not prevent me from immediately returning to work.

After a week, I decided to go for a lymphatic drainage massage to reduce the swelling. This was when I finally got to witness the beginning of the results.
The area felt lighter and less bulky, and when I touched it, there was less to pinch. I was so impressed with the outcome that I decided to go for another session, this time before work, to treat my stomach.

This experience is notably different. The abdomen contains more nerve fibers, meaning the needle punctures the local anesthetic when Dr. K administers it.
This sensation is akin to receiving an electric shock.
It feels like a worm wriggling around in my stomach throughout the treatment. Although I am more sensitive afterward, it is not enough to deter me from attending a gym class after work.

During the upcoming week, my bloated stomach makes it seem like I am already in my second trimester. I have resorted to wearing flowy dresses to conceal it. However, I noticed a slight difference after receiving my lymphatic drainage massage. I feel like I am on my way to a more toned physique.

Optimal results can be expected within six months as the body’s natural anti-inflammatory process triggers regeneration in the targeted area. Although it may seem prolonged, it is comparable to the significantly more invasive treatment options timeline.


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