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Discover the transformative power of our hair rejuvenation treatments. Whether you’re seeking PRP, PRF, Exosome, Red Light Therapy, or our hair rejuvenation serums, our expert team led by Dr.K is here to help. Take the first step towards fuller, healthier hair with a free consultation.

Non-Surgical Hair Rejuvenation Orange County

Our hair rejuvenation treatments utilize cutting-edge technology to stimulate hair growth and improve the overall health of your hair. From the regenerative properties of PRP and PRF to the nourishing effects of Exosome and our specially formulated serums, we have a treatment tailored to your unique needs.

We offer best hair rejuvenation treatments in Orange County.

Hair Loss Treatments, Orange County

PRF hair Restoration, PCH MedSpa

PRF Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich Fibrin therapy uses a concentrated solution of platelets, fibrin, and other beneficial bioactive proteins to stimulate hair growth and rejuvenate your scalp.

Exosome, Hair Loss Treatment, PCH MedSpa

Exosome, Hair Loss Treatment

Exosome therapy harnesses the regenerative power of stem cell-derived exosomes to promote hair follicle regeneration and improve hair density and quality.

Red Light Therapy for Hair Regrowth, PCH MedSpa

Red Light Therapy For Hair Regrowth

Our non-invasive Red Light Therapy stimulates cellular activity, increases blood flow, and enhances hair follicle health, leading to improved hair growth and thickness.

DERIVE, Hair Loss Treatments, Orange County, PCH MedSpa


Are you ready to transform your hair into a luscious mane of beauty?

Look no further! Discover the secret to thicker, fuller, and healthier hair with the DE|RIVE Daily Hair Support System.

This patented, 100% natural, and hormone-free serum is a game-changer in the world of hair care. Say goodbye to hair thinning and hello to the locks you’ve always dreamed of.

Benefits Of Hair Rejuvenation Treatments

Regrow Hair Naturally

Our treatments stimulate dormant hair follicles, promoting natural hair regrowth and addressing issues such as thinning hair or hair loss.

Improved Hair Texture

Experience softer, smoother hair with enhanced texture and manageability, thanks to the revitalizing effects of our hair rejuvenation treatments.

Boost Confidence

Enjoy renewed confidence and self-esteem as you regain a fuller, healthier head of hair, allowing you to face the world with newfound pride.

Non-Surgical And Minimal Downtime

Our hair rejuvenation treatments are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime, so you can get back to your daily activities without interruption.

Free Consultation With Dr.K, Hair Restoration In Newport Beach

Don’t miss the opportunity to receive a complimentary consultation with our renowned specialist, Dr.K. Discuss your hair concerns, learn about the most suitable treatments for your needs, and take the first step towards achieving your hair goals.

Client Testimonials

Jonathan Amrani


“Dr.K and his team are extremely knowledgeable & professional in the field of medicine & health. I sign up for the 12 week hair treatment program & PRF and currently in week 3 of the course. I have been receiving week to week follow up to make sure we stay the course to achieve hair growth as a whole team. Having these follow up calls & texts makes you feel safe during the process knowing Dr.K and his team have your best interest. Highly recommend visiting Dr.K.”

Myra Parras


“I absolutely love this place!!! Dr.K and his staff are so nice and attentive. They always educate you on the procedure and the after care. Very professional staff. I’m so happy with all my treatments thus far.”

Christa S.


“Dr.K is very skilled, professional and talented in the art of rejuvenation. I’ve had a couple procedures now by Dr.K.  in which I’m pleased w/ the results! Will be going back.”

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Contact our friendly team at PCH MedSpa to learn more about our hair rejuvenation treatments or to book your free consultation with Dr.K. Take the first step towards achieving the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

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