Juvéderm Injection, Newport Beach CA

With Juvéderm's range of injectable fillers, you can restore youthful facial volume instantly.

Juvéderm® is an FDA approved family of injectable dermal fillers comprised primarily of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a natural substance within the skin that helps retain volume, moisture, and softness while delivering nutrients. When injected under the skin, Juvéderm® boosts the skin’s elasticity by supplementing the body’s naturally produced hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin healthy and hydrated.

Juvéderm® is highly successful in restoring facial smoothness and volume, with few allergic side effects due to its natural qualities.

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Common Juvéderm® treatment areas include:

  • Nasolabial folds (also called marionette lines or parentheses): Fills in lines between the nose and corners of the mouth.
  • Nasogenian grooves: Volumizes folds between the nose and cheeks.
  • Lips: For volume enhancement.
  • Cheeks: Reshapes and lifts the contours of the cheeks.

Juvéderm® and Hylacross Technology

Juvéderm® utilizes the science of hylacross technology to dispense hyaluronic acid into the targeted areas. Hylacross technology blends the HA particles which allows the final product to have an extremely smooth consistency.

Benefits provided by hylacross technology include:

  • The high concentration of hyaluronic acid: Juvéderm® has the highest concentration of any dermal filler, which enables longer-lasting results.
  • Comfortable injections: The smooth consistency allows the Juvéderm® to be easily and precisely injected.
    Cross-linked hyaluronic acid:
  • Cross-linking provides viscosity and stability, making Juvéderm® longer lasting and highly effective.

The Juvéderm® Procedure

During the Juvéderm® procedure, the transparent gel is injected with a fine needle into the facial dermis (the layer of skin that contains nerve endings, corrective tissue, oil and sweat glands, and blood vessels). Depending on the treatment area, the entire process usually takes 15-60 minutes.
Due to its gel-like consistency, Juvéderm® is able to provide a natural smoothness and volume to the targeted areas. Juvéderm® results typically last 6-12 months with one treatment. Because Juvéderm® is biocompatible, it is eventually absorbed naturally and safely into the body.

Most patients experience little to no discomfort during the dermal filler procedure and can immediately return to most normal activities the same day.

It is recommended during the first 24 hours after treatment that patients avoid:

  • Prolonged sun or heat exposure.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Strenuous activity.
  • Aspirin or anti-inflammatories that may promote bruising.
  • Heavy make-up.

Side Effects of Juvéderm®

Because Juvéderm® utilizes the non-toxic hyaluronic acid naturally produced by the body, any side effects experienced are typically mild and temporary in nature.

Injection site side effects can include:

  • Redness/discoloration
  • Swelling/bumps
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Firmness
  • Itching
  • Risk of infection

In most cases, placing an ice pack on the injection site will alleviate any discomfort.

Juvéderm® Voluma

Juvéderm® Voluma is the member of the Juvéderm® family of injectable dermal fillers which is primarily used for shaping and enhancing facial features that have experienced volume loss over time. Voluma, like other Juvéderm® products, is long-lasting and lifts the treated facial areas through the use of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Voluma is injected deeply into the skin, resulting in little to no bruising.

Common uses for Voluma include:

  • Volumizing the chin.
  • Lifting the jowls.
  • Shaping and filling out cheeks.

Due to its thickness, Voluma is not appropriate for correcting lines around the eyes, filling nasolabial folds, or lip enhancement. Voluma results are immediate and, under optimal conditions, can last up to 2 years.

Your Juvéderm® Consultation At PCH MedSpa

If you’re looking for the best outcomes from your Juvéderm® treatment, only hire a qualified and experienced injector. Our professional injectors will meet with you to verify that you are a candidate for treatment or suggest another alternative.

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