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Jeuveau Is A New Injectable Wrinkle Treatment That Is Similar To Botox.

Lines and wrinkles that are the result of years of making facial expressions are among the first signs of aging. Botox® has long been recognized as the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatment for these aging indications. Now, according to the FDA, a new therapy known as Jeuveau® is available. This neuromodulator injectable solution is only authorized for aesthetic purposes and is marketed by Jeuveau®, which was founded in 2015 at Laval University in France with funding from Canada’s Innovation Scientist Repository (CIR) program.

The Basics

  • Jeuveau® is a neuromodulator administered by injection.
  • Jeuveau® is completely non-surgical, so there are no scars.
  • Jeuveau® is FDA-approved for the treatment of frown lines.
  • Jeuveau® can last for four months or more.

Why Do Patients Choose Jeuveau®?

No one enjoys looking older. Patients use Botox® and Jeuveau® to combat early signs of aging. Lines and wrinkles are caused by muscular contractions in the face, loss of collagen, gravity, and other factors. Everyone gets creases no matter what the cause is, but Jeuveau® can help to smooth out these age-related flaws.

Many individuals choose Jeuveau® to prevent deep wrinkles from forming. With over 2100 patients treated in five clinical trials, a large number of people are now utilizing this proven technique. Many people use Jeuveau® to improve the effectiveness of a surgical facelift. Patients who do not wish for surgery utilize Jeuveau ® to soften their lines and wrinkles while others who do want surgery use it to tighten their features. Because there is no scarring or downtime, patients are pleased with this method.

How Does It Work?

Jeuveau® is a similar product to Botox®. It’s comprised of prabotulinumtoxin A, an injectable form. Muscles in the face cause wrinkles. When Jeuveau® is given near the nerve, the signal that tells muscles to contract is halted. This eliminates the contraction signals from reaching the muscles, resulting in a smoother appearance.

Jeuveau® is great for frown lines since they are caused by a facial expression, but the face will not appear to be frozen. Patients can still make their usual grimaces. This procedure is only temporary; eventually, it will wear off, and the facial muscles will return to normal contraction.

Jeuveau® Treatment With Your Own Personalization

At Pch MedSpa, we collaborate with each patient to create a personal treatment strategy that is suited to their conditions and aesthetic objectives. Your treatment plan for utilizing Jeuveau® to treat wrinkles and lines will be determined by the severity of the aging indications and where they are located. Around the forehead and brows, the injection sites will be marked out during the therapy. Then Jeuveau® will be injected into these locations. During the injection procedure, patients may experience a mild stinging sensation. This treatment takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Post-Treatment Recommendations

The Jeuveau procedure is non-invasive, painless, and with no downtime. There are still a few things to bear in mind in order to get the most out of it. They are:

  • Do not massage or scratch the treated region.
  • Exercising should be avoided for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid taking hot showers for 24 hours.
  • Keep the head up for at least four hours after the treatment has ended.
  • Pay attention to any significant swelling, itching, or respiratory distress. These might be early indicators of an allergy reaction.

Your Jeuveau® Results

Patients may notice some effects from Jeuveau® right away. Results can take anywhere from a week to a month for all of them to become visible. Patients may notice a more youthful appearance with fewer wrinkles and creases as a result of Jeuveau® therapy. Results may last anywhere from four to six months, depending on the individual cases. Maintenance sessions are advised to maintain the outcomes.

Additional Treatment Options

Combining various choices can provide excellent results for cosmetic treatments. Jeuveau® is an efficient therapy in and of itself, but combining it with other options can address a variety of additional problems at the same time. Fillers may be used to provide subtle volume to lips and cheeks after a Jeuveau® treatment. Because the aging process does not cease, a surgical solution may be a future treatment that addresses significant volume loss, drooping, and deep wrinkles or lines on the face.

Your Jeuveau® Consultation At PCH MedSpa

If you’re looking for the best outcomes from your Jeuveau® treatment, only hire a qualified and experienced injector. Our professional injectors will meet with you to verify that you are a candidate for treatment or suggest another alternative.

To learn more about our injection therapies, such as Jeuveau®, or to book an appointment, contact our office at (949) 242-9166